Our folks often say – save for a rainy day. If our income only provides from hand to mouth, saving may not be a priority. But the sudden pandemic lockdown serves as a wake-up call to remind us that a job with sufficient pay is not good enough to ride through a crisis like this. As the pandemic is still prevalent, one must always be ready to battle in good health and also stay strong financially.


When the world was instructed to stay behind closed doors, the fear of losing the very basic income led to much mental instability. Only the digitally-savvy are making their windfalls amidst this adversity. Billions of dollars have been transacted every single day in the most fluid and bullish industry. The digital revolution is fully ignited this pandemic. And no one should be oblivious to this.


During the lock down, social media has become our best companion. It provides the safest gateway for us to gather. Most importantly, the opportunity to make a living or earn extra income during the crisis. It empowers lives and encourages financial independence and security. While many gained overnight popularity through creative and expressive means of marketing their products online, others are constantly in the loop for the most updated news and products within the platforms. Hence, if you are one of us, wisely churn your time into legit dollars and cents. But what’s more vital is being able to grab hold of good products to showcase on your digital platforms continuously. Let the digital world create a channel of extra income for you and your loved ones on a daily basis. Experience this miracle with Lulu Tabitha!

It has been proven in the world statistics that the beauty industry is making over $600 billion in 2019. People are constantly searching for beauty products and services to trade on- or off-line. And when we make women our primary target audience, we know we are in for a successful journey.

At Lulu Tabitha, we aim to provide a label that promises quality and assurance. Our up and coming brand will always stay ahead to produce sought after essential products for the marketplace. With as little as $2xx, you can join us as our distributor and work independently or as a team. Backed by a strong brand, quality and reasonably priced products coupled with a powerful support team, your startup can easily take flight. Above all, a suite of privileges await to encourage your growth with us. So start your successful and beautiful journey at Lulu Tabitha today.

From as little as $2xx, you can start your own on- or off-line business instantly.
Get connected today.



If you enjoy your freedom of lifestyle working from home or constantly engaging in online purchasing and sourcing for opportunities, Lulu Tabitha is here to help you hype up your income and popularity. Make the best out of your free time. Make more. Save more. Strive for financial freedom with us today.

From as little as $2xx, you can start your own on- or off- line business instantly. Get connected today.


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