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“Good smell is the only sense that affects the 
memory and emotion of the brain.”

We often take our sense of smell in our day-to-day lives for granted. But smell has become increasingly important to us. When it is impaired it can cause us to change what we eat and how we feel. Why does the fragrance industry bloom like no one’s business? 

Why do hotels spend so much money to add an identity of scent to their premise? Perfumes are overwhelmingly sold in the world every minute and even the food industry uses fragrance chemicals known as
flavours or aroma chemicals in their products. That’s because there is a high demand in this sphere as people are getting more conscious and particular in the way they live. We call this a well-heeled lifestyle. 

Transform your life with our uniquely concocted top-notch scents that make you feel good and live well.
All you need is just add a little scent to your life. Like a smile, it shows all over your face how you feel today.


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Lulu Tabitha-100ML (04 Alabaster).jpg


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"Take care of your skin.
You will wear it every day of your life"

Backed by science and delivering real results, Lulu Tabitha’s epic discovery unveils an advanced skin evolution for skin transformation. Packed with natural healing benefits for all skin types, the bespoke masks are inserted into elegant satin bags and boxes that can be used for other useful and beautifying purposes in your home.


For any orders or enquiries on our products, kindly WhatsApp +65 8890 4573 so that we can respond to you soonest. We also do birthday and seasonal gifts for customised perfume oil, room spray and rollerballs.

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